Is Texas Seeing an Increase in Fatal Car Accidents Involving Large Trucks?

Texas roads are becoming more dangerous by the day. Since 1991, at least one Texas motorist has been killed in a car accident. In 2021, approximately 11 people died on Texas’ highways.

A large truck with a commercial driver is the most dangerous on the roads. Texas has seen a rise in fatal accidents involving commercial trucks since 2019 when nearly 19% of them were involved. This trend will continue in 2021.

Even though truck crashes are increasing across the country, Texas has been the fatal state since 2017. Safety experts in traffic safety are frustrated and looking for solutions.

Statistics show an alarming rise in significant truck fatalities

Texas has seen a steady increase in traffic deaths, primarily preventable, for over two decades. These statistics are from 2020.

  • In 2020, almost 14,000 people were seriously hurt on the roads despite a 10% drop in mileage from 2019.
  • Twenty-two traffic accident deaths, marked two days.
  • Every two hours, one person is killed.
  • The Texas death toll was the highest since 1984, reaching a record high of 67.

There were more deaths because fewer people were driving during the pandemic. They rose 18% nationally in the first half of 2020, despite a decrease of 17% in miles. One study also found that speeding deaths are more common on empty roads.

Texas’s three most dangerous interstates are also located through it. In 2019, 9.89 deaths occurred on I-40, which was heavily congested. Nearly 200 deaths on I-35 in 2019 were mainly in Texas, as the highway runs through San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. I-20 saw 13.52 deaths per 100 miles. This is partly due to its connection with major metropolitan areas such as Dallas and Atlanta.

Why Are There So Many Truck Accidents?

Is the sudden rise in truck-related accidents related to the pandemic? It is, however, not the only reason for the increase in truck accidents.

Fewer traffic equals fewer fatalities during the lockdowns. However, all the empty roads encouraged reckless driving, including alcohol and drug use, distracted driving, and even speeding up from years past. Texas legislators have failed to reduce the speed limit.

Texas is facing unique challenges that contribute to the large truck accident epidemic. Despite traffic levels in Texas returning to pre-pandemic levels now, reckless driving seems more prevalent than ever.

Lance Simmons, director of engineering and safety operations at TxDOT, said more anger on the roads. The state Department. The State Dept.

Another factor is the rapid growth of major Texas cities. Increased traffic means increased construction, more accidents, and more people.

As of last autumn, the Texas trucking industry is facing a shortage of around 80,000 drivers. Some companies offer incentives to drivers to work longer hours and take fewer breaks to make up the difference. Some companies are even hiring inexperienced drivers.

TxDOT officials meet regularly to discuss solutions, such as better rest stops or public awareness campaigns. The Biden administration unveiled a new “Trucking Action Plan” earlier this month to help strengthen the industry. However, significant truck accidents will continue to increase until these plans are implemented.

Staying Safe Around Large Trucks

Although large trucks can be dangerous, there are many ways to protect yourself and others on the road.

Commercial rigs are very maneuverable and require a lot more space to stop. These safety rules will help you avoid disaster.

Blind spots: Large trucks are blind on all four sides. You can’t see the driver’s side mirror if you don’t have his. To avoid being in a blind spot:

  1. Change lanes or slow down.
  2. Do not pass downgrades or in the right lane.
  3. Never cut off a large rig or tailgate.

A big truck could cause your car to slide under it.

Wide turns It is normal for a truck to swing wide or turn from the right or middle lane.

Be patient: It can be frustrating to get stuck behind large trucks, especially if they are moving slowly. Avoid aggressive driving, honking, and other road-rage behavior.

Keep your eyes on the road. Always pull over if you feel tired or distracted. Regular breaks are essential to ensure your mind is not distracted on the road.

Don’t drive while impaired or without your seatbelt. You can avoid the most tragic accidents by using common sense.

Do Truck Accident Lawyers Need to Be Licensed?

Although it is always beneficial to avoid calling the police or seeking legal assistance after an accident, this is not possible with large trucks. They can do more damage than other cars, both financially and physically.

If you want to receive compensation for an accident, there are many situations in which you will need the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Your insurance company may use a previous injury against you. They will claim that you were more likely to sustain an injury after the accident. Texas law allows you to be still compensated for a previous injury.

Although insurance companies may claim they are on your side, in reality, they will offer you the lowest settlement possible. They may deny your claim. A Texas truck accident lawyer is well-equipped to fight against insurance companies.

Even if the accident involved a large truck or a car, it’s not always easy to determine who is responsible. Insurance companies will send an adjuster to investigate if the police can’t find the cause at the scene. A Deer Park injury lawyer can help you if they determine you are at fault.

It is enough to cause an accident with a large truck. You might need to be taken off work or hospitalized because of your injuries. You might experience emotional or mental trauma. There will be many things you need to do quickly, such as getting a car or negotiating with insurance. A competent lawyer can help you save hours and reduce stress.